Section A: The name of the body shall be St. Joseph-St. Mark Parish Pastoral Council, herein after referred to as Council.
Section B: The Council is established in accord with the Code of Canon Law and Diocesan norms concerning parish pastoral councils with which the article of this Constitution must be in accord.
ARTICLE II: PURPOSE/FUNCTIONS The purpose of the Council is to provide consultation to the pastor concerning pastoral activity and initiatives as requested by the pastor and the members of the parish.
Section 1. The purpose of the council shall be:
To develop and review parish council policies and recommend them to the pastor. These policies are to be in harmony with the universal law of the Church and Diocesan norms and policies.
To provide a forum of communication and dialogue regarding parish affairs.
To encourage by all available means a thriving and effective lay apostolate.
To cooperate actively with the Diocesan entities.
Section 2. In order to accomplish the above, the Council shall perform the following duties:
Through prayer, reflection and discussion within the Council and among the members of the parish, the Council will formulate goals and develop a pastoral plan of action for the parish. At least every 3 years the Council will review this plan and revise or rewrite it according to the changing needs and circumstances of the parish. The Council will share this pastoral plan with the parish at large and with the Bishop.
The Council will coordinate the work of parish committees and organizations by receiving reports of their activities and by cooperation of those groups in support of pastoral concerns and initiatives. The Council may request delegates from these organizations to take part in the Council meetings.
The Council will receive a recommended budget from the parish’s Finance Committee and will collaborate to plan the pastoral program for the parish.
The Council shall see to the maintenance of the parish property and undertake any improvements necessary.
Section 1. The Council shall be comprised of the following members, each having one vote:
Twelve members. Four parish council members from each church, the General Parish Council and two finance committee members from each church, the Stewardship Parish Council. All members will serve a 3-year term.
The members of the Council are to be Catholics in full communion with the church who are mindful of the common good. They should be compassionate, prudent and faithful in the stewardship of time, talent and resources and regular participants in the worship of the parish.
The members of the Council should be actively involved in the Eucharistic life of the parish. A Council member’s personal life should be a visible witness to all people of the message and service of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the living God.
The pastor or the parish administrator shall be an ex-officio member.
Section 2. Selection process for members of General Parish Council and Stewardship Parish Council.
Nominations will be in January of each year. Members may be nominated by the parish or nominate themselves. A member of the current parish council will personally explain to nominees the responsibilities of parish council membership. A copy of the Constitution will be made available to each nominee if desired. At that time a nominee can choose to begin a discernment process or remove their name from consideration. If they choose to begin the discernment process they will examine parish goals and the parish pastoral plan and see if they feel they are called in these areas. A meeting with the pastor will be set up to determine whether they are in mutual agreement to work together.
If at the end of this process there are more that six candidates from each parish, the candidates will be asked to pray about working together. If there are still more that six candidates then the group will be asked to self select. This process will finish up in April.
This group of six members from each Parish will be presented to the Parish and the Parish will be asked to vote yea or nay on the group as a whole. New members will attend the May meeting of the Council and be installed at the June meeting.
In the event of a vacancy on the council, council members will nominate a replacement. The council members will ask the nominated parishioner to enter a discernment process and if they agree to serve on the parish council, they will finish the term.
Section 1. The Officers of the Council shall consist of two Co-chairman, one from each parish and a Secretary. A Co-Chair from each parish will chair the meetings held at their respective parish. Financial records and distribution of funds will be the responsibility of the staff of the parish.
Section 2. Council members shall vote for the three officers as described above at the
June meeting. Voting shall be by secret ballot and in the event of a tie, balloting shall continue until a candidate wins a majority. Offices shall be voted upon individually and in the order listed in Section 1 above. Officers shall serve for one year, or until their successors are elected, and their terms of office shall begin at the close of the Annual meeting at which they are elected. No member shall hold more that one office at a time and no member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
Section 3. Duties of the officers.
The Co-Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Council and shall have the authority to call such special meetings as may be deemed necessary in consultation with the Pastor and/or other members of the Council. The Co-Chairs will perform all other duties that are customary to the office. The Co-Chairs shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. Copies of the minutes will be provided to each parish.
The Secretary shall record the minutes of all regular and special meetings and shall be the custodian of the Council files. Copies of the minutes will be made available to all members of the Council prior to the next scheduled meeting. Copies of the minutes will be posted at each Parish.
Section 4. The Secretary shall turn over all papers, books, and records relating to the duties of office to the successor upon completion of the term of office.
Section 5. In the event of a vacancy in any office, the Council shall elect a replacement from their ranks for the unexpired term of that office.
Section 1. The regular meeting of the Council shall be held once a month, ten months of the year, unless otherwise ordered by the Council. There will be no meetings in July and December.
Section 2. Officers will be elected at the June meeting.
Section 3. Special meetings of the whole Council may be called by the Co-Chair or by the Executive Committee as needed.
Section 4. A simple majority of the Council, one of which must be a Co-Chair shall constitute a quorum.
Section 5. Regular meetings will be open to any member of the parish. If any member should want to address the Council, they will need to notify the Pastor and be added to the monthly agenda.
Section 6. The conduct of the meeting shall be in a dignified and businesslike manner.
Section 1. An affirmative vote by the majority of the members present shall constitute approval of a motion.
Section 1. The officers of the Council and the pastor shall constitute the Executive Committee.
Section 2. Any matter that requires attention between meetings may be addressed by the Executive Committee.
ARTICLE VIII: COMMITTEES The Council will have one standing committee, the Finance Committee. The Council can create and add other committees to address special areas of concern as needed.
Section 1. This Constitution becomes valid upon approval by a majority of the Council and acceptance by the pastor.
Section 2. Amendments to this constitution are subject to the same process of ratification.
ARTICLE X: AMMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION The Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Council.
Adopted this day of _________ ,______________,__________ and hereby supersedes any and all Constitution constructed previously.
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