Project Rachel
More than thirty million women and men in America suffer unresolved feelings of sorrow, anger, and fear, due to experiencing the loss of a baby to abortion. That is more than half of the roughly sixty million adults who struggle with abortion issues. Project Rachel is a ministry of the Catholic Church in the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo Dioceses in West-Michigan. Their mission is to offer support with the compassion and mercy of Christ.

Project Rachel offers individual counseling, support groups, a library of support media such as books, videos, cassettes in both English and Spanish. The offer guest speakers for Church, schools, and groups. Project Rachel offers a system of support for all who have suffered from the effects of an abortion.

Project Rachel Mission Statement:

Inspired by the compassion of Jesus Christ, Project Rachel offers opportunities for reconciliation and healing for women, and for all, who suffer emotional and spiritual pain from an abortion experience.
(taken from the Project Rachel website)
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